Published by Beyond...Prod. in 1999 E.V.

De-luxe golden carved leather digipack CD edition
with 24 pages booklet. Limited to 1000 copies.

A magniloquent Pagan soundtrack dedicated to the unforgivable decline of the Roman
Pagan culture which embraces stylistically but synthetically a millennium of music
(from the martial compositions of the Imperial Rome up to the late Renaissance),
travelling over pure ambientalistic moments of Communion with the Great Mother.
The work is matched with a rich full-color booklet which ideologically completes with
pictures and words each of the twenty tracks of the album.

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Song, included in the cd-sampler "Defend the Palace:  Worms A.D. MCLXXXIV"

(wrongly quoted on the inlay-card as "TE DEVM MORO"!)
Published by Palace of Worms in 2002 E.V.

Standard jewel-box CD

A suggestive and atmospheric Late Medioeval inspired piece sung in Ancient Italian.
Lyrics have been composed through period method by the Author himself.
Music has been conceived for the particular acoustics of the Ancient Castle of Scarlino
(Grosseto/Italy) and there presented to the public for the first time.

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Song, included in the cd-sampler "Defend the Palace:  Worms A.D. MCLXXXIV"
Published by Palace of Worms in 2002 E.V.

7 inch oversize CD edition with card inside, limited to 200 copies

Limited oversize edition for collectors: numbered and sealed by hand.

"DEFLORESCENS IAM ROBUR" [Collectors' Edition]
Published by Beyond...Prod. in 2002 E.V.

De-luxe Collectors' Edition with golden carved parchment cover and transparent
jewel-box containing dried flowers, leaves, etc. Limited to 166 copies.

After the album was sold-out, the label reprinted a special very limited
handmade edition created just for the fans.
Packaging has been conceived and directly printed by the Author (A.W.F. packagings):
severe and sober artwork with a touch of "Dried Nature" inside, each time assembled in
a different way, thanks to the characteristics of the filling material used.

Song, included in the double cd-sampler "Tutti a casa!"
Published by Hau Rock! / SPQR in 2003 E.V.

Standard jewel-box double CD with 24 pages glossy booklet

Cover of the homonymous song by the Esoteric Industrial cult-combo Ain Soph.

Respecting the original, Furvus proposed it with his peculiar majestic touch:
the Renaissance arrangements (just like the metrics of the Petrarca's lyrics),

he introduced some Controcanto inserts and a choral dimension.

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Datemi pace

Song, included in the double cd-sampler "Audacia Imperat"
Published by Old Europa Cafe / Misty Circle in 2004 E.V.

Special A5 oversize booklet-packaging w/ 36 color pages

Originally composed during 2001 and to be released through the (now R.i.p.) label
Oktagön, the song has been preserved till now it has been published for the first time.
Since I was not satisfied with the original arrangements, I totally re-arranged this new
and unique version, undoubtedly more "pompous" and evocative, as the original concept
had to express through its atmospheres full of oriental moods and occidental pride.
The rich oversize booklet contains an A5 illustration
very fit to the martial idea of the song.

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Song, included in the cd-set which celebrates the 25th OEC anniversary.
Published by Old Europa Cafe in 2008 E.V.

Glossy cardboard box with 7 CDs + 16-pages booklet.

To celebrate the label and all the work done over all those years 101 artists which
have been involved with OEC was invited to submit an unreleased or anyway
re-worked / exclusive track devoted to the theme of Europe, so I thought of working
on lyrics extrapolated from the homonym myth Ovidio
talked about in his masterpiece "Metamorphoses".

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Published by Mvsa Ermeticka in 2013 E.V.

Digipack + 28 pages booklet + CD. Limited to 950 copies

Originally released in 1999 and for years sold-out, this remastered reissue is enriched
by a totally re-newed and new artwork + extra contents here presented
for the first time (lyrics, exegesis, curiosities, etc) which painstakingly consigns
what is unanimously considered a little Neo-Classical jewel of the last decade.

Published by Dark Vinyl Records in 2017 E.V.

6 pages Eco Digifile CD 

What the time doesn’t erase, is strengthened in the memory:
the memory of loved ones, of lost faith and the blood shed
which is now outlined through this journey inside the music and moral heritage of the past,
going beyond the Pillars of Hercules of any religious or political belief.
From theophany to solipsism, the wayfarer’s catharsis takes shape
across the project's sound textures, epic and introspective as yesterday,
but today also tinged with shades ranging from conviviality to more majestic chorality.
All made with a balanced use of computer (each vocal part and acoustic instrument
is sung / played by the musician) on a substrate of Concrete processing.
A sound katabasis down to the hell of one’s emotional intelligence
with an obol perhaps too expensive to be paid ...

The new opus signed by Furvus is now out, after a long pause during which

the project has been kept alive through exclusive songs recorded for international
samplers and the composition of an album (Veluti Peregrinus in Antiquitatis Memoriis)
which unfortunately has been lost, apart from a demo recordings + some raw material.

A video-trailer is available HERE.